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Recon Instruments Snow 2 HUD

Oh boy, check these beauties out – Ski goggles with built in heads up display – How cool is that? Like sharks with frickin laser beams cool.

The World’s Most Powerful Wearable Computer.
Engineered For The Harshest Conditions.

Recon Snow2 is a powerful heads-up display for alpine sports with the onboard processing power, suite of sensors, and networking capabilities you would expect from a tablet or smartphone. With the ability to connect to additional sensors and cameras, Snow2 meets the need of the most demanding athletes.

You can see more details here along with buying options did a product review of these goggles and here’s what they has to say about them…
The self-proclaimed “world’s most advanced wearable computer” is a heads-up-display that sits neatly in the corner of your goggles and is compatible with a host of the leading brands. The display projects what appears to be a 14-inch image 5 feet away from the eye, which is crucial as it means you don’t need to refocus your eyes in order to view the display.

The dual-core, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled device has a host of sensors that track speed and distance, your current altitude, vertical drop and accurate airtime data, while the Snow 2 HUD can also hook up to your phone to display calls, texts and music information.



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