The French Alpes Ski School – Expert Lessons – Body Position Short Turns

Expert Lessons Body Position Short Turns

Expert Ski Lessons #7.1 – Body Position Short Turns

Body position is an essential element of all skiing, get it right and it will make a big difference to the performance of your turns. In this ski lesson instructor Darren Turner looks at getting your body facing down the hill in short turns.

In this ski lesson series we are looking at building on your advanced skiing technique and helping make you an Expert all mountain skier.

Body position is something I’m always looking at because it’s so important to your overall performance. Get it wrong and it will compromise everything. Get it right and it will make a big difference to your turns.

In short turns it’s important that the upper body stays facing down the hill. The legs and skis will be working underneath the body while the torso is remaining still. What we need to develop is a separation between the upper and lower body.

Watch my upper body here. It’s facing down the hill while my legs and feet are turning underneath.

A great way to visualise the separation is to imagine you have two poles that are going to rest underneath your arms similar to gymnastics parallel bars. Now the upper body is going to slide and stay still all the way down those poles while the legs work underneath the body. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Imagine that the poles are running down the length of the slope. My body will follow that line staying straight and level from top to bottom.

I’m going to use these rollers down here to exaggerate the movement. I’m going to retract my legs as my feet come under me and then extend down again into the track, retract, extend.

This is a great way to feel these movements combined – body level, legs retracting and extending. If you can only find one or two rollers to practice on it will still help.

That may feel like a strange sensation to start with. But it’s the same movement on a smooth piece doing short turns. The torso remains still and calm and the legs moving underneath.

If you find the poles are getting in the way or adding any extra complications, get rid of them and repeat the same movement that’s keeping the arms nicely in front and maybe one less thing to think about.

Removing the poles will allow your body to stay in a more relaxed and neutral position. Remember, hands in front. It will help keep your upper body stable.

Once you get your poles back, a good pole plant will help with your rhythm.

Now you should be able to feel the legs retracting under the body and then extending into the new turn – the upper body staying calm and still and facing straight down the hill.

Let’s have a look at some longer turns.

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Remember that these how to ski videos are not a replacement for on-slope instruction with a qualified ski instructor, and should only viewed as a supplement.

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